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About Us

Since 2013, BluRayven has helped a lot of hardworking Americans with a variety of personalized financial solutions, including Installment Loans and Personal Lines of Credit.

We are a nationally recognized consumer finance service we believe our customers deserve clear, understandable loan terms, and therefore encourage fair and fully disclosed lending practices.

Which gives our customers confidence knowing they’ve made a smart choice with BluRayven.

Financial Solutions
Financial Solutions

How We’re Different

BluRayven is here for you with financial solutions designed to fit your needs and get you back on track. We put our customers first and treat them with dignity and respect.

Our approval process is fast because we know how important it is to get the money you need quickly.

We have clear rates and fees, so you understand how and what you’re paying, and we take all necessary measures to keep your personal information safe. Best of all, you don’t need perfect credit to get approved for a loan.

Our Stories

Happy Clients

”Justina would move mountains to provide for her son. But thanks to BluRayven, she didn’t have to.”

”One customer’s hopes of getting her daughter through her graduation day seemed unlikely—until she walked into BluRayven.”

”Even first-time customers are on a first-name basis with us. Just ask Thomas, who needed money fast and was able to get it even faster with our help.”

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